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Riviera Way
The blue Bay of St-Tropez, the Peninsula of St-Tropez, the Beaches of St-Tropez and the Village of St-Tropez are places that fascinate the world. 

Paul Signac, in 1892, was first to stop in St-Tropez on board of his sailing boat. He was a master among the « post-impressionistes » painters and he couldn't resist the beauty and the light of Provence. Soon, other artists, coming from Paris came to join him... just before Brigitte Bardot.

Now, St-Tropez is the favourite place in summer for the movie stars to get a perfect suntan, enjoy a glass of wine in les « Plages de Pampelonne » and to shop in the glamorous boutiques of the ancient village. Even eat a « Crêpe » by the old port where the biggest yachts can bee seen. 

The elegant aristocratic mansions of Aix-en-Provence whith their high façades show the importance of the town through the History. 

A stroll along the narrow streets of the ancient city center will take you in front of the St Saviour Cathedral and its decorated gothic porch. 

The lively local market, the numerous boutiques, the students having coffee before going to their lessons at the University give a touch of youth.

Paul Cezanne, who was born in Aix-en-Provence, spent his life painting his home town and the beautiful surrounding landscapes. No other place in the world would fascinate more the artist.

Le Thoronet
In the heart of the Var, surrounded by oak trees and pine trees, the Abbey of Le Thoronet is a special tribute to the sacred. 

800 hundred years ago, cistercian monks coming from Burgundy and looking for an ideal location to build their Abbey, settled in le Thoronet, by the river, in the middle of the wood. 

After 70 years of hard work, the construction of the convent was nearly completed. The result is amazing, and still to be seen : purety, simplicity, sobriety, the architecture of the Abbey is a fine example of the Middle Ages devotion and remain a source of inspiration and reflexion.  

Red Carpet and white sand, palaces and chic restaurants, French fashion and jewels, this is the famous Croisette in Cannes where stars from all over the world printed their hands. 

In the ancient heart of Cannes is located the covered market of Foreville where local people come to buy their fresh vegetables, fruits and fish. 

Picasso himself couldn't resist the charm and elegance of the town and bought a house in 1955 overlooking the bay of Cannes wich got to be a source of great inspiration to him. 

Tradition, French Way of Living and Glamour : this is Cannes !

Grasse is the Capital of the World of Perfumes. It is a hilltop city close to Cannes, further up in the direction of the Alps Mountains.  

The most famous perfumers : Chanel, Rochas, Guerlain, Dior, ... come to Grasse to select the best floral fragrances to create their perfumes. 

The floral scent has been the special skill of Grasse since Queen Catherine de Medicis, in the late 1500. The mild climate of Grasse was ideal to cultivate roses, jasmin, tuberose and orange flowers.

You will have the exciting opportunity to create your own perfume in one of the three traditionnal factories : Fragonard, Galimard and Molinard.

Le Castellet
Hyères Les Palmiers
Bormes les Mimosas